Dance pictures will be taken May 4-6.  Please check below for your classes schedule day and time for pictures.   Arrive in costume with hair and make up as you would like.


Photo Schedule - Monday, May 4th:

Picture Time

Usual Class Day and Time

10:30-11:15 am

Mon 10:30 Preschool “Can’t Hurry Love”

Tues 10:30 Preschool “All Shook Up”


Wed 10:30 Creative Movement

Mon 1:30 Preschool “Lucky Star”

3:30- 4:30 pm

Mon 3:30 Combo “Wonderful World/Why Worry”

Thu 3:30 “Greatest Love/Tell Him”

4:30-5:30 pm

Mon 4:30 Adv. Beg. Ballet  “Over the Rainbow”

Mon 4:30 Teen Jazz “Live it Up”Thurs

Solos/Duets- Maddie, Kiley, Meredith, Abbey, Shimmy

5:30-6:30 pm

Mon 5:30 Adv. Beg. Jazz “Shake It Up”

Thurs 6:45 Beg Jazz “Dress You Up”

Mon 5:30 Teen Contemp “Pretty Hurts”

Mon 5:30 Teen II Ballet “Bella’s Lullaby

6:30- 7:30 pm

Mon 6:00 Beg Tap “Wake Me Up”

Teen II Jazz Co. “Exotic”

Mon 6:30 Int I Ballet “In the Deep”

Mon 7:30 Teen Ballet “That’s Amore”

7:30-8:30 pm



Mon 7:30 Int Jazz “Jungle”Thurs 6:00

Ballet Co. “Beauty and the Beast”

Thur 7:15 Teen Tap “In the Mood”


Photo Schedule - Tuesday, May 5th:

Picture Time

Usual Class Day and Time


Tues 4:00 Beginner Jazz “Ladies Night”

Solo - Halie D Tap &  Jazz

4:30-5:30 pm

Jr. I Jazz Co. “Me and My Girls”

Thurs 4:45 Beginner Hip Hop “Ice Ice Baby”

Tues 4:45 Beginner Ballet “Once Upon” 

Thurs 4:30 Adv Contemp. “Only One”

5:30 - 6:30 pm

Tues 5 :30 Jr II Ballet  Espagnola »

Tues 5:30 Preschool “Love a Rainy Night”

Teen I Jazz Co. “Criminal Intent”

Teen II Trio – “Secret”

Sat 9:45 Preschool “Ugly Bug Ball”



Tues 6:30 Adv. Ballet “Poker Face”

Tues 6:30 Int Contemp “Fire”

Sat 9:45 Combo “Waka Waka/A la Nanita

Tue 6:15 Combo “Twilight Time/Calendar”


Solos/Duets – Lally/Hailey all & “Alright”

Tues 7:30 Beg Pointe “Sleeping Beauty”

Thurs 7:15 Int Pointe “Winter Vivaldi”


Photo Schedule-Wednesday, May 6th:

Picture Time

Usual Class Day and Time

4:30 – 5:30

Thurs 4:00 Beg Contemp “Fly”

Co Production “Hollywood”


Duet - Butterfly

Thur 5:30 Int I Hip Hop “Pump Up the Jam”

Hip Hop Company “Massive Attack”

Thur 4:00 Adv Beginner Tap  “Conga”

6:00- 7:00

Thur 6:00 Beginner Ballet “Candle in the Water”

Fri 6:00 Beginner Hip Hop “Rapper’s Delight”

Company Finale “Uptown Funk”

Wed 6:15 Preschool “At the Hop”


Wed 6:30 Combo “This is Me/Play Music”

Thurs 6:00 Int II Hip Hop “Lose Control”

Wed 6:30 Int II Hip Hop “Lose Control”

Tues 7:30 Int I Tap Ballet “Opposites Attract”

7:30- 8:00

7:30 Int I Tap “Crazy Thing”

Wed 6;15 Adv Tap “Wanna Dance”

Solo - Braelyn