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Artistic Edge Dance Company 

The award winning performance company of Artistic Edge Dance Center.


Dancers are selected in May at our Company Auditions for
Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop, and Production companies. 
Dancers ages 6 - 18 are placed according to skill level and performance ability.  

The Artistic Edge Dance Company:
Designed for exceptionally talented and dedicated elite dancers striving to take their training  to a professional level.  

The Artistic Edge Dance Company II:
Designed for talented, dedicated students who are new to the competitive dance world, but not ready to commit to the elite level.

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Artistic Edge Dance Company

Our Elite Level Competitive Dancers

  • Extensive Training Several Days Per Week in Several Styles

    • Weekly Commitment:

      • Minimum of two to three days/week

      • 1 technique class per dance style competing in (ie. Jazz Class or Contemporary class or Tap Class) - the more styles danced the more days/classes required

      • 2 ballet technique classes/week

      • Turns/Leap & Technique/Conditioning Classes required

      • Weekly Rehearsal for each dance style competing with.

  • Compete in 3 Regional Competitions during the season

  • Attend Nationals Competition in the Summer - Mandatory

  • Attend JUMP Dance Convention -Mandatory

  • Receive a Company Jacket

  • Option to Purchase AEDC Company backpack and other gear

  • Recital Opening Number Eligible

  • Production Company Eligible

  • Summer Intensive Required (Summer of acceptance and Summer of Nationals)

  • Solo Eligible (must have 2 years competition, experience, must compete on 2 other companies, one being production)

  • Strict Attendance policy

AE II Company logo.jpg

Artistic Edge Dance Company II

2nd Company for dancers and families who are not ready for full company commitment.

  • Quality Training minimal days/week

  • Weekly Commitment:

    • Only one to two days/week for 1 company (dancers who chose to participate on several companies will have to attend more days per week)

      • 1 Class in style competing and 1 additional technique class that compliments that style required (ie. Jazz Company must take Ballet and Jazz classes - Tap Company must take tap and Jazz)

      • Weekly Rehearsal for company dance

  • 2 Regional Competitions

  • Does Not Attend Nationals

  • JUMP Dance Convention – Optional – Additional fee

  • Receive a Company II Jacket

  • Option to Purchase AEDC Company II backpack and other gear

  • Not Eligible for Recital Opening Number or Company Production

  • 2 Summer Camps required (Summer of acceptance):

    • 1 in style competing

    • 1 in additional technical style determined by AEDC

  • Not Eligible for Solos

  • Duet and Trio Eligible

  • Strict Attendance policy