Our goal is to provide professional and technical dance training with a focus on the artistry and creativity of dance.  Our class levels range from the recreational beginner dancer to the advanced serious student. We strive to ensure everyone is placed appropriately to their level and desire. 

As a courtesy to all of our dance families, please help us keep the studio clean and comfortable.  We understand accidents happen, but please clean them up or inform a staff member to take care of the situation.

Please read the following guidelines to make your experience at Artistic Edge more enjoyable.

Vacation Calendar

Artistic Edge Dance Center will be closed for major holidays.  Most align with the Greenville Public School Calendar, some do not.  AEDC does not observe most single day holidays (ie. Presidents Day, Martin Luther King Day, etc.) 
We do observe Labor Day and Memorial Day and some teacher work days.

Please view our Calendar of Events for all of AEDC’s important dates

Studio Policies

  • Payment - All fees and payments including tuition, registration, spring performance participation and costume fees; are non-refundable.  Tuition is based on a dancer's yearly payment total with payments broken into 9 monthly installments or two semester installments for your convenience. A full month’s tuition is due from September through May.  Students will not be charged extra for months with 5 classes, nor will monthly tuition rates be prorated for months with less than 4 classes.   There are no makeup classes for scheduled holidays and closings, or recital week classes.  

  • There is a $10.00 late fee for all payments made after the 10th of the month.  Spring Performance participation fees and costume fees are separate fees.  For your convenience, payments can be made at the studio by check, cash or card and online through our parent portal with a credit card. 

  • Attendance– Students should arrive no more than 15 minutes before class. Attendance will be taken. Make-up classes will be arranged if the studio must close for emergencies or inclement weather. Any classes missed due to illness can be made up in another class, please arrange this with the front desk before you come. No refunds are given for missed classes.

  • Inclement Weather - If we close due to snow or ice storms, we will send a mass email to all accounts that have provided an email address, we will post the closing on the home page of this website and our facebook page.

  • Makeup class policy - In the event Artistic Edge Dance Center closes due to inclement weather or an emergency closing, makeup classes will be scheduled once the studio reopens. If your child cannot attend the scheduled makeup class, they will be permitted to attend another appropriate level class. Please call the studio or check the website for closing information.

  • Substitute Teachers - In the event the scheduled teacher has an emergency, a qualified substitute will be provided. If no substitute can be found, you will be contacted and a makeup class will be scheduled.

  • Teacher Conferences - Your instructors are always happy to discuss anything about your child with you. Unfortunately, we are usually running from class to class and cannot chat in between. If you have anything you would like to talk about, please email us or leave a message and we will happily respond to you in a timely manner. We will not discuss another child with you.

  • Attire - Proper dance attire is required for all classes! See below for requirements.

  • Trial Classes - Artistic Edge Dance Center permits students to sample one class in any genre. A registration form and parental consent must be filled out before a student may dance at the studio. Any student wishing to try more than one class or a different genre will be required to pay $15.00 per trial class. This fee will be applied toward tuition if the student joins class.


  • No Running or playing "outside" games in the lobby. Your time at AEDC would be a wonderful time to read, do homework or allow quiet screen time. But we must insist that siblings not act wild while waiting.

  • No foul language

  • Do not block the lobby pathway or any door - 
    It is a fire hazard and makes it hard for all others to navigate the lobby.  Please do not relocate the furniture.

    •  Make sure you and your dancers/siblings leave a wide path in the lobby so others can walk through easily.

  •  Do not open studio doors while class is in session - 
    This is very disruptive to class.  If the instructor has an issue he/she cannot handle, they will come get a parent. 

  • No eating in the lobby 

  • Parents must supervise children - 
    All younger (under 11) dancers while not in class; and siblings at ALL times

  • Closed Circuit Televisions - 
    Provided as way to see what is happening in classes, especially for our youngest dancers; however, if they cause hazardous conditions in the lobby during certain times, we will be forced to turn them off during those classes.

  • Bathroom breaks - Please make sure all younger dancers use the bathroom BEFORE class.  It is very disruptive when children need to use the restroom during class.  Teachers will ask all children to hold it unless it becomes an emergency. 

We strive to make AEDC a welcoming space for all students and families.  To maintain this atmosphere, any dancer/family who will not comply with our policies, will be asked to leave the studio.


Class Room Etiquette

AEDC has a dress code for clothing and hair.  This allows teachers to properly correct placement and the dancers to learn without distraction.  
Please review the requirements for your dancers below:

  • No loose clothing (except in Hip Hop).

  • No jewelry.

  • Hair - Must be secured off the face. Long hair must be securely pulled back in a bun for ballet, or a very tight ponytail for all other classes.

  • Cell phones - CELL PHONES ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE STUDIO. All cell phones must be placed on SILENT and kept in your dance bag at all times while in class. No child will be permitted to talk or text while in class. Parents - If you must contact your child, please dial the studio directly. No child will be permitted to answer cell phone during class.

  • Behavior -Proper classroom etiquette is expected at ALL TIMES. A positive supportive atmosphere is important. Any student excessively talking or disrupting class will be asked to leave. Any student continuously acting out will be permanently removed from the class. NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS will be given for students asked to leave for disciplinary reasons.

  • No Food allowed in classrooms. Only water will be permitted in the classroom


If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Artistic Edge.