Starquest Results

Congratulations on a wonderful final regional competition at Starquest.  The dancers left it on the stage with wonderful perfomances.  Special thanks to our Prop Parents who make sure our dancers are fierce and safe!

We All Fall- Platinum; 1st in Category; 3rd Overall; “Calm, Cool, Collected” Award; Costume Pin

Carnival- High Gold; 1st Overall; Costume Pin

Song Without Words- High Gold; “Breath” Award

Carmen- High Gold; Costume Pin

Landfill- High Gold

Already Gone- Platinum; 2nd Overall

Elegance- Platinum; “Beauty and Grace” Award; Costume Pin

Can’t Make You Love Me- Platinum

Money- High Gold; 3rd Overall; Costume Pin

Shake the Room- High Gold; 2nd Overall; Costume Pin

The Heist- Platinum; Entertainment Award; Costume Pin; 3rd Overall

Word Up- Platinum; 3rd Overall

Cello Wars- High Gold; Costume Pin; "The Force is Strong" Award

Womanizer- Platinum; 2nd in Category

Ruby Blue- Platinum; 5th Overall

Used to Be- High Gold; 1st in Category; First Place Top Score Regionals Champions; Costume Pin

Secret Garden- Platinum; 2nd Overall; “Great Arms” Award; Costume Pin

Standing There- High Gold

Fall- Platinum; Costume Pin

Crazy in Love- Platinum

Fly Me to the Moon- Platinum

Long as I’m Here- Platinum; 2nd Overall; Costume Pin

Breathe- Platinum; 2nd in Category; 5th Overall

Glam- Platinum; 1st in Category; 12th Overall; Costume Pin

Move- Platinum; 3rd in Category; “Moving and Grooving” Award

Not for the Life of Me- High Gold; Costume Pin