Nexstar - March 28-30, 2014

AEDC rocked the NexStar stage this past weekend at Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium.  Great job dancers, teachers, parents, and prop dads!  Thank you for such a spectacular weekend.

Congratulations Miss Madison and our Ballet Company - "Cinderella" on your Star Dance Alliance Power Rankings and your gold ticket to the World Dance Championship this summer  Congratulations to "Circus" for their Performance award, "Bump in the Night" for the Judges Choice Great Attack award, Kathleen Champagne's "Stay" recieved the Judges Choice Costume award, and Kate Hall Judges Choice Intensity award for "Demolition".  

"Reign" High Gold - 1st in Category  - 7th Overall 
"Bad Girls" High Gold - 1st in Category - 4th Overall 
"Crush" High Gold  - 4th Overall 
"Control" - Platinum - 1st in Category - 2nd Overall 
"Temperature" High Gold - 1st in Category - 3rd Overall 
"Circus" - High Gold - 4th Overall 
"KiKi" - High Gold - 7th Overall 
"Bump in the night" - Platinum - 1st in Category  - 2nd Overall 
"Beautiful People" - High Gold - 1st in Category - 5th Overall 
"Cinderella"" - Platinum - 1st in Category - 1st Overall - Star Dance Alliance Power Rankings
"Business of Love" - High Gold
"Demolition" - Platinum - 1st in Category -  - 5th Overall 
"Echa Pa'Lante" - High Gold
"Heaven" - High Gold - 1st in Category
"Lucky" - Platinum - 10th Overall 
"Stay" - High Gold - Costume Award
"The Way You Make Me Feel" - High Gold
"When I Grow Up" - Platinum - 1st in Category - 1st Overall
"Are you Gonna" - High Gold
"When Your Good To Mama" - High Gold
"Look Good" - Platinum - 1st in Category - 4th Overall 

Congratulations and thank you to all the dancers, teachers, and parents for such a wonderful weekend.