Starpower Nationals - Myrtle Beach 2013 Results

2013 Starpower Nationals Results:
The companies danced their hearts out.  We had a lot of very talented competition and our AEDC girls proved they can hold their own.  I am so proud of each dancer for their personal growth this year, and how they always come together to support each other as teammates. Congratulations!  Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year!


BUENOS AIRES - 4.75 -1st  in Category, 4th Place Overall


BAD ROMANCE - 5 - 1st  in Category, 1st Place Overall


DIN DA DA - 4.75 - 1st  in Category, 6th Place Overall


ENDANGERED SPECIES - 4.75 - 10th Place Overall


TRANSFORM YA - 4.75 - 1st  in Category, 8th Place Overall*


SASSY- 4.75 - 1st  in Category, 8th Place Overall*


ESPIONAGE -4.75 -1st  in Category, 3rd Place Overall


SHOELESS JOE - 4.5 - Spirit of Broadway Award


AGAINST ALL ODDS -4.75 -1st  in Category, 2nd Place Overall


EM IN WHOVILLE - 4.75 - 1st  in Category, 4th Place Overall


WHO'S BAD - 4.75 - 1st  in Category


CHAIN OF FOOLS - 4.75 -1st  in Category, 2nd Place Overall


FEEL GOOD INC. - 4.75 - 2nd in Category, 8th Place Overall, Terrific Tapping Award

10 SECONDS - 4.75 -1st  in Category